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About Us

We give you the space to breathe again.

KNB Solutions Group is a cross-disciplinary social impact consultancy driven by a deep commitment to effecting systemic positive change. As a Women-Owned Small Business, we are dedicated to fostering inclusive work cultures and providing strategic support to institutions whose values closely align with ours.

At the core of KNB Solutions Group is our founder, Katelyn N. Brewer, a visionary leader with a passion for empowering people, organizations, and communities. With a focus on catalyzing social movements, Katelyn has demonstrated her expertise in transforming organizational cultures, scaling programs, diversifying revenue streams, and implementing effective behavior change communication strategies.

Prior to founding KNB Solutions Group, Brewer led the child sexual abuse prevention organization Darkness to Light, increasing the budget from $1.7 million to nearly $5 million in the span of 4 years. Before that, Brewer worked within an international development agency to increase annual grants from $32 million to $90 million annually.

At KNB Solutions Group, we understand that financial sustainability is crucial for organizations to achieve their social missions effectively. Through strategic planning, innovative fund development strategies, risk assessments, and leveraging our extensive network of partners and supporters, we offer non-profits a clear pathway toward building diversified revenue streams that ensure long-term stability and impact.

Our aim is to empower you, maximize your reach, and leave a lasting legacy of transformation in the communities you serve.

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